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Arts and Crafts Metalwork

Vases, Lamps and More

Metalwork was an important part of the Arts and Crafts movement for several reasons.

Metalwork items are something that the typical family encounters in many aspects of daily life. Vases, bowls and trays are all examples of things we interact with regularly and hence their quality of construction affects us both in our sense of quality (they should be reliable) and aesthetics (they should be pleasing to the eye). Since the Arts and Crafts movement eschewed cheaply made mass produced goods, the small articles of daily life were an excellent opportunity for the designers to show the average consumer that there was a alternative choice to go with a better quality item without paying an excessive price. Furthermore these kinds of items were an excellent canvas to demonstrate the importance of a beautiful, spiritually fulfilling design on our quotidien life. Unlike furniture, these articles are more econimically accessible in that they don’t require such large outlays of cash. They therefore invited the buyer to take a risk with a small amount of money in order to prove that the investment in a higher quality item was worth the extra expense. Arts and Crafts products of all types are more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts, but paying more for a vase is not as painful for the typical consumer as paying two or three times as much for a bed or a desk.

Many of the furniture makers such as Stickley and Roycroft also produced lines of metalwork as a means of introducing new consumers into the world of Arts and Crafts through ‘entry-level ‘ products such as vases, trays, bowls etc. so that the buyer is allowed to acquire a taste for ‘better’ items before trying to convince them to buy a large piece of furniture. Some manufacturers such as Heintz and Sorensen only made metalwork and their work is every bit as important.

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Image Manufacturer Catalog ID Type Description MarketData ID
Roycroft 2 Bookends Bookends E:$75.00 102966
Roycroft 3 Bookends Bookends 102977
Roycroft 4 Bookends Bookends E:$75.00 102978
Roycroft 5 Bookends Bookends E:$395.00 103130
Roycroft 6 Bookends Bookends E:$75.00 103131
Roycroft 100 Candlestick Candlestick 102967
Roycroft 101 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 102976
Roycroft 103 Candlestick Sconces E:$37.50 103156
Roycroft 104 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 103157
Roycroft 105 Candlestick Candelabra E:$49.95 103158
Roycroft 106 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 103159
Roycroft 107 Candlestick Candlestick 103160
Roycroft 108 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 103161
Roycroft 109 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 103163
Roycroft 110 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 103165
Roycroft 111 Candlestick Trindles 103216
Roycroft 112 Candlestick Candelabra E:$49.95 103218
Roycroft 113 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 103258
Roycroft 114 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 103279
Roycroft 115 Candlestick Candlestick E:$9.99 104114
Roycroft 200 Tray Cream and Sugar Tray 102968
Roycroft 201 Tray Serving Tray 102971
Roycroft 300 Smoking Accessories Match Holder/Nested Ashtrays 102969
Roycroft 301 Smoking Accessories Ashtray 103168
Roycroft 302 Smoking Accessories Ashtray E:$29.99 103174
Roycroft 303 Smoking Accessories Matchbox Holder 103175
Roycroft 305 Smoking Accessories Ashtray E:$29.99 103177
Roycroft 400 Vase Shouldered Vase 102970
Roycroft 401 Vase Shouldered Vase 102972
Roycroft 402 Vase Cylindrical Vase 102973
Roycroft 403 Vase Vasette 103178
Roycroft 404 Vase Vase 103179
Roycroft 405 Vase Vase 103180
Roycroft 500 Desk Accessory Combination Pen Tray / Triple Inkwell 101778
Roycroft 501 Desk Accessory Inkwell 102964
Roycroft 502 Desk Accessory Flower Holder 102974
Roycroft 503 Desk Accessory Flower Holder 102975
Roycroft 504 Desk Accessory Letter Opener 102979
Roycroft 525 Desk Accessory Nested Coasters 103256
Roycroft 526 Desk Accessory Picture Frame E:$750.00 103257
Roycroft 527 Desk Accessory Letter Rack E:$895.00 103259
Roycroft 528 Desk Accessory Letter Rack E:$895.00 103260
Roycroft 529 Desk Accessory Desk Set E:$124.99 103277
Roycroft 530 Desk Accessory Box E:$35.00 103278
Roycroft 531 Desk Accessory Blotter Corners 104184
Roycroft 537 Desk Accessory Inkwell E:$139.00 104190
Roycroft 538 Desk Accessory Inkwell E:$139.00 104191
Roycroft 541 Desk Accessory Blotter Corners 104194
Roycroft 602 Open Bowl Compote 103142
Roycroft 603 Open Bowl Fruit or Nut Bowl 103144