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Mythos Collectible Card Game

A CCG published by Chaosium

Mythos is a Collectile Card Game (CCG) published by Chaosium. Based on the stories of H. P. Lovecraft, players try to solve mysteries before their oponents can drive them insane with nightmare creatures summoned from alternate universes.

Each player assumes the role of a different investigator. Each investigator has unique skills and attributes which will help and hinder them in heir quest to solve a paranormal mystery. Each mystery solved will gain the player a certain number of points. When one player has acquired enough points, they win.

In addition to racing to be the first one to solve enough mysteries, the players may also summon nightmarish creatures from the Lovecraft Universe to attach their opponents. A successful attack will reduce the player's sanity, and should they lose enough sanity, they will go mad, and lose the game.

Total items in collection: 925. Total items on page 87

Card ID ImageURL Card Name Expansion Type Rarity ID
20 Become Spectral Hunter Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 26988
21 Body Warping of Gorgoroth Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 26989
22 Call Power of Nyambe Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 26990
23 Create Time Warp Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 26991
24 Devolution Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 26992
25 Dread Curse of Azathoth Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 26993
26 Elder Sign Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 26994
27 Fly Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 26995
28 Kiss of Dagon Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 26996
29 Mao Ceremony Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 26997
30 Mist of R'lyeh Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 26998
31 Powder of Ibn Ghazi Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 26999
32 Radiance of Alsophocus Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 27000
33 Sarnath Sigil Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 27001
34 Song of Hastur Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 27002
35 Soul Singing Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 27003
36 Steal Life Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 27004
37 Thirty-Five Abominable Adulations of the Bloa Cthulhu Rising Spell Rare 27005
38 Voola Ritual Cthulhu Rising Spell Common 27006
25 Angles of Tagh Clatur Expeditions of Miskatonic University Spell Common 27060
26 Dominate Expeditions of Miskatonic University Spell Common 27061
26 Command the Dead Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Common 27128
27 Consume Likeness Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Rare 27129
28 Create Bad Corpse Dust Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Common 27130
29 Create Gate Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Common 27131
30 Eibon's Wheel of Mist Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Rare 27132
31 Orne's Black Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Common 27133
32 Remortification Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Rare 27134
33 Resurrection Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Common 27135
34 Sign of Barzai Legends of the Necronomicon Spell Common 27136
67 Barrier of Naach-Tith Mythos Spell Common 27236
68 Black Binding Mythos Spell Uncommon 27237
69 Circles of Thaol Mythos Spell Common 27238
70 Cloud Memory Mythos Spell Common 27239
71 Curse of the Rat-Thing Mythos Spell Common 27240
72 Chant of Thoth Mythos Spell Uncommon 27241
73 Hands of Colubra Mythos Spell Common 27242
74 Keenness of Two Alike Mythos Spell Rare 27243
75 Nyhargo Dirge Mythos Spell Common 27244
76 Pipes of Madness Mythos Spell Uncommon 27245
77 Shrivelling Mythos Spell Common 27246
78 Sign of Eibon Mythos Spell Common 27247
79 Sign of Kish Mythos Spell Uncommon 27248
80 Voorish Sign Mythos Spell Rare 27249
81 Wave of Oblivion Mythos Spell Rare 27250
82 Wrack Mythos Spell Common 27251
182 Bless New Aeon Spell Rare 27561
183 Call the Unnamed One New Aeon Spell Common 27562
184 Chronoportation New Aeon Spell Common 27563
185 Create Stasis New Aeon Spell Uncommon 27564
186 Darkness of the Void New Aeon Spell Rare 27565
187 Enthrall Victims New Aeon Spell Uncommon 27566
188 Evoke Doppleganger New Aeon Spell Rare 27567
189 Exorcism New Aeon Spell Uncommon 27568
190 Flesh Ward New Aeon Spell Uncommon 27569
191 Grasp Of Cthulhu New Aeon Spell Rare 27570
192 Insidious Ululation of the Invisible Supplica New Aeon Spell Uncommon 27571
193 Mental Suggestion New Aeon Spell Common 27572
194 Monatomic Translocation New Aeon Spell Common 27573
195 Shaggai Mental Possession New Aeon Spell Uncommon 27574
196 Song of the Stellar Larvae New Aeon Spell Uncommon 27575
197 Temporal Lash New Aeon Spell Rare 27576
48 Command of the Bloody Tongue Starter Spell Starter 27632
49 Dust of Suleiman Starter Spell Starter 27633
50 Petrify Starter Spell Starter 27634
103 Blasphemous Obeisance Starter Spell Starter 27687
175 Anathema The Dreamlands Spell Uncommon 27862
176 The Awful Doom of Cerrit The Dreamlands Spell Rare 27863
177 Barrier of Seol Seril The Dreamlands Spell Common 27864
178 Channel Prophecy The Dreamlands Spell Uncommon 27865
179 Command Lamp-Eft The Dreamlands Spell Common 27866
180 Concentric Rings of the Worm The Dreamlands Spell Common 27867
181 Crystal World The Dreamlands Spell Rare 27868
182 Dream Sending of Glaaki The Dreamlands Spell Rare 27869
183 Deflection The Dreamlands Spell Uncommon 27870
184 Embody Charnal Odor of Xura The Dreamlands Spell Common 27871
185 Equilateral Screen The Dreamlands Spell Uncommon 27872
186 Gate of Oneirology The Dreamlands Spell Common 27873
187 Green Mist of Doom The Dreamlands Spell Common 27874
188 Ironmind The Dreamlands Spell Rare 27875
189 Lassitude of Phein The Dreamlands Spell Common 27876
190 Mysteries of Thalarion The Dreamlands Spell Common 27877
191 Petition of Menes The Dreamlands Spell Common 27878
192 The Ravening Madness The Dreamlands Spell Rare 27879
193 Throth's Stalwart The Dreamlands Spell Rare 27880
194 Vortex of Far Journeying The Dreamlands Spell Uncommon 27881
195 Whirligig The Dreamlands Spell Rare 27882