Diecast Metal Vehicle Models Database

If it's a diecast metal replica of something that is driven, flown, or sailed, you'll find it here!



The term die-cast vehicle here refers to any toy or collectible model produced by using the die casting method. The toys are made of metal, with plastic, rubber, or glass details. Wholly plastic toys are made by a similar process of injection moulding, but the two are rarely confused.

Recent Additions


BrandCollection Count
All Items 93
Autoart 9
Corgi 1
Ertl Collectibiles 2
Motorsports Authentics 1
Oxford Diecast 80


CategoryCollection Count
All Items 93
Aircraft 1
Automobile 60
Bus 4
Farm Equipment 4
Recreational Vehicle 3
Trailer 8
Truck 13

Make and Manufacturer

Make and ManufacturerCollection Count
All Items 93
Uncategorized 8
Austin 5
Chevrolet 1
Chrysler 1
Citrone 4
Dodge 3
Edsel Division Ford Motor Company 5
Ferguson 2
Ford 11
Ford Motor Company 4
Fordson 2
Honda 3
Lincoln Division Ford Motor Company 5
Lincoln Division Ford Motor Company Modified By Hess & Eisenhardt 1
Lotus 1
Mercedes 2
Mercury Division Ford Motor Company 11
Plaxton 4
Saturn 2
Toyota 2
Volkswagen 15
Westland 1