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HO or H0 is the most popular scale of model railway in the world.

According to the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) standard S-1.2 predominantly used in North America, in HO scale, 3.5 mm (0.1378 in) represents 1 real foot (304.8 mm); this ratio works out to 1:87.0857142, usually rounded to 1:87.1. According to the MOROP standard NEM 010 predominantly used in Europe, the scale is exactly 1:87.[4] In HO, rails are spaced 16.5 mm (0.64961 in) apart which models the standard railroad gauge of 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in).

Recent Additions

Item Category

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Accessories Accessories 13
Figures Figures 2
Locomotives Locomotives 123
Rolling Stock Rolling Stock 148
Scenery Scenery 1
Self Propelled Rail Car Self Propelled Rail Car 2
Structures Structures 47
Vehicles Vehicles 78

Model Type

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Airplane Airplane 2
Animals Animals 2
Automobile Automobile 1
Automobile Carrier Car Automobile Carrier Car 27
Balloon Balloon 1
Boxcar Boxcar 16
Bus Bus 6
Commercial Building Commercial Building 2
Diesel Electric Diesel Electric 114
Electric Electric 9
Electrical Electrical 9
Entertainment Structure Entertainment Structure 43
Go-Kart Go-Kart 1
Maintenance of Way Equipment Maintenance of Way Equipment 2
Motor Motor 2
Motorcycle Motorcycle 1
Parts Parts 1
Passenger Car Passenger Car 97
Power Supply Power Supply 1
Railway Gun Railway Gun 2
Recreational Facility Recreational Facility 1
Schnabel Car Schnabel Car 6
Trailer Trailer 7
Trailers Trailers 1
Traveling Show Traveling Show 2
Truck Truck 57


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Atlas Model Railroad Atlas Model Railroad 151
Bachmann Bachmann 8
Busch Busch 48
ExactRail ExactRail 27
Faller Faller 61
Hornby/Rivarossi Hornby/Rivarossi 2
Lonestar Models Lonestar Models 2
Rapido Trains Rapido Trains 99
Tangent Scale Models Tangent Scale Models 16