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Title: Creating Your Personal Inventory

Collection: N Scale Model Trains
Category: Database How-To
Publication Date:
Last Modification Date: 2018-01-18
Here is how to use TroveStar's 'collection tracking' system to keep track of your personal collection. I do this myself and find it immensely helpful to avoid buying things I already own.

How to create your new inventory:

To create a personal inventory, go to this page: and enter your inventory name ('My Collection' for example) into the box that says "type name here". Then type return. Your new inventory will be created. It will be empty to start with.

After it is created, then you will see it in the list and there will be a button labeled "Make Default". Click this button to make it possible to one-click add items in the database to your personal collection. This is by far the easiest way to add items to your inventory. There are other ways but not as simple.

By default, nobody else can see your inventory except you. There will now be a new button on every individual item page to allow you to add items to 'My Collection'. I use this feature all the time. This feature also adds a new column to all the checklist pages called 'Have' which shows you whether you own the item already or not.

How to add items to your new inventory:

Next, use the search function on any page to find the items in your personal collection. You should see a new button below the image of the item that says 'Add to Active Inventory'. If you push this button, it will prompt you for a price. You may use $0.00 if you like, but if you are using this for insurance purposes, you should instead take a guess as to a fair value for the item. Sometimes TroveStar will make a guess for you if it can find market information on the target item.

Have more than one of the item in your collection? No problemo. Under the 'Collection' menu, you will find 'Inventory Editor'. Select this and it will take you to a form that allows you to alter quantity and price of the item in question. Soon we will also have a place to put notes about the item such as 'Missing the box' or 'Hand Weathered'.

Want to make your inventory public so other people can see your awesome collection of model trains? Go to this page, find your collection, and push the "edit" link in the fourth column next to it. You will see an option "Inventory is Public". Change this to "Yes" and then push the "Submit Changes" button. Voila! Everybody can now share the awesomeness.

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