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Title: Atlas Announces New Models: N scale 53 ft Well Cars & 53 ft Container

Publication Date:
Last Modification Date: 2017-11-16
Atlas 53 foot well car

Earlier this month, Atlas made a number of product announcements, the most notable included new toolings for both a 53 foot well car and an accompanying 53 foot container.

Both new Atlas Master products have an expected ship date of 2nd quarter 2018 with a pre-order date of December 6, 2017.

The 53 foot well car will run $34.95 and $24.95 (undecorated). It will be available in three road names: Florida East Coast, TTX and St. Mary's Railway West with six road numbers each for each paint scheme.

Some product features include a die-cast body, detailed brake lines and etched metal walks.

The 53 foot container will go well with the new well cars. The containers will run $36.95 per 3-pack and come in three road names. Some product features include side corrugations with an 8-55-8 arrangement and 1-3-1 beveled doors.

Atlas 53 foot container

Here is a link to the Atlas website.

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